Hybrid Wedding Photography

What is Hybrid Wedding Photography?

Hybrid wedding photography is a fusion of wedding photography and videography. 

Typically, brides and grooms have to employ the services of two providers if they want their wedding to be both photographed and recorded. Not only does this mean another supplier to manage, but it also means double (and then some!) the cost.

For some couples a full wedding videographer is absolutely the right decision, but for many it’s often not the perfect fit. Lots of couples hire a specialist wedding videographer, only to never watch the feature length film they paid for!

Hybrid wedding photography is an alternative solution. Video and audio highlights from the day are captured, and showcased in a 3-5 minutes wedding highlights video. This is delivered in addition to a full wedding photography package.

What is the difference between a hybrid photographer and a wedding videographer?

A specialist wedding videographer is focused solely on documenting your day on film. Just like a movie director, they spend the day setting up shots and capturing footage of every facet of your day – from bridal preparations to the cutting of the cake. This is then edited together into a feature length video for you to enjoy. 

Hybrid wedding photography takes this established concept and simplifies it for the modern couple. Instead of delivering a lengthy video that is rarely watched, you receive a spectacular 3-5 minute digital film that showcases the very best of your wedding day. Using a blend of video montage and longer clips of key events such as vows, speeches and dances – featuring full audio, blended with a soundtrack of your choice – this short but stunning video perfectly captures and tells the story of your big day. 

This more contemporary style of filming means that you receive a wedding video that you will genuinely watch time and time again! It’s the perfect keepsake for sharing with your friends and family, and on social media.

What is included in a hybrid package?

My hybrid wedding photography packages include a full digital photography service, where I focus on capturing the fine details that make your day special and unique. These images are then beautifully edited and shared with you digitally. Every image I take is yours to keep, and I am with you to document your whole day until the last carriage leaves.

On top of your wedding photographs you will also receive a 3-5 minute digital video featuring highlights of your wedding day. Audio-visual recording equipment is set up throughout the day to capture those memorable moments, which are then expertly edited together with a soundtrack of your choosing. This can be shared across your social media channels and online platforms, or copied to a disk to gift to friends and relatives.

And, I also include all of the unedited audio files of speeches and vows as part of my hybrid wedding photography package – for you to enjoy in their entirety.

Why should I choose a hybrid wedding photographer?

There are so many reasons why couples are choosing to hire a hybrid wedding photographer to capture their big day.

  • A hybrid wedding photographer is more cost effective then hiring both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer.
  • You get the photos and videos you truly want, with only one supplier to manage.
  • Having one supplier for both your photography and videography delivers a more consistent style.
  • Working with one hybrid wedding photographer is also less intrusive and more relaxing.
  • You get the works – beautiful wedding photography, a stunning highlights video, and full audio recordings of your speeches and vows.
  • Your wedding video is enjoyable and memorable for everyone you share it with.
  • You have the rights to share your wedding video online and across your social media platforms.
  • A hybrid wedding video is one you will actually watch time after time.

If you would like to talk to me about booking a hybrid wedding package for 2021 and beyond then please get in touch.